Sidexside Carafino Ultra Dock Boat Float
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Carafino Jet Ski (PWC) Dry Hull Boat Float USA

The ULTRA DOCK Mini is a extremely lightweight highly strong float. Designed for limited space areas where maximum floatation in tight quarters is essential. With easy drive or winch on landing, the Ultra Dock Mini is a smart concept for under the bow of a vessel in a slip or other areas where space is limited. The UD Mini accommodates any size PWC and is admirably stable in rough waters where wind or ship wakes create swell and chop. The UD Mini can withstand high impact strikes and will not degrade over time like other floats on the market. 

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PWC Float Models

High Impact Resistant dry berths

Ultra Dock Boat Floats are a tie up along side or tie up straight on to the dock Dry Hull float. No fasteners or assembly labor required to secure the float for use. Making it the "Go To" boat float complying with marina and homeowner association regulations.  It is easy to move or shift position if required. Our floats are designed to drive on and slide off with ease. Or you can winch your watercraft onto the float. Either method keeps your vessel up out of the water for a complete Dry Hull.  Our winch posts are designed to haul up your vessel with ease. After a bit of practice you will be driving onto the float confidently. 


Runabout  Ultra Dock Medium

Ultra Dock Mini For Jet Ski

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Sidexside Carafino Ultra Dock Boat Float
Sidexside Carafino Ultra Dock Boat Float

Side x Side strapped together Dry Hull,
Side x Side strapped together Dry Hull,

Carafino Dry Hull PWC Side by Side 2 in 1 Dry Berth. Lake Bass California. Water Levels extremely low during photos taken.



Sidexside Carafino Ultra Dock Boat Float
Sidexside Carafino Ultra Dock Boat Float


Ultra Dock "Mini" is a  limited space designed float to provide for maximum maneuverability in tight quarter areas.

Runabout Medium Ultra Dock

(Under 16')

Carafino Ultra Dock Runabout

Provides for wider beam of HBI (RIB) inflatable vessels. Walk around platforms or step on and off to the dock designs.

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Why You Should Have a Boat Float

Boats are a large investment and let's face it, our boats spend a considerable amount of time sitting in the water at the marina or fronting our home. This creates a problem for having to clean the build up of algae growths and even harsh stains on the hull to name a few issues. Removing your boat from the water is the ultimate solution and any boat float can offer you that. However, our Dry Hull Ultra Dock Boat Float is the best practical solution and a justified expense lasting you a lifetime. Fast and effective, it is minimal labor involved keeping your boat clear of the water. Enabling you to launch and recover the boat single handedly, on a moments notice.