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I would enjoy to make a presentation with seriously interested parties of my future vision. The objective, how to capture 20 % of the existing US markets of Florida, California and the Great Lakes from current leading brand names in the US boat float industry.  There has been a stagnation of design and innovation by current brand leaders, perhaps from complacency. Creating a blue ocean marketing sales opportunity. The boat float market is long overdue for practical and permanent solutions that provide watercraft owners advancements in boat float concepts. I am Christopher Carafino, founder of "Dry Hull, Ultra Dock Boat Floats USA". I've created a simple master plan encompassing an intelligent and patentable design, a fool proof cost effective minimal labor manufacturing process. A box and ship concept combined with a sales strategy of a high quality maintenance free product. With the correct visionary supporters, I am confident this product can gross low seven figures annually with a  third in net profit. The potential to reach international boating communities, expanding the market reach, greatly exists in the strategy. Starting as just an idea, similar to pushing a train, this new concept train has developed with momentum and I am preparing to jump on it. Below are photos of how we started and where we are headed. I enjoy intellectual, humourous and promising conversation and I would enjoy to also have you aboard.  Lets Go!

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